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Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

Does anyone here own both an E100 and an E10? I bought a refurb E10
for $30.00 (that's not a misprint) from Fry's and am quite happy with
it; especially with the IF shift feature. From what I'm reading they
must be about the same on MW. Mine's not as quite sensitive as my
unaligned SRF-39FP and 59 (Gary currently has both) or Kaito KA1103.
The E10 is too big to qualify as an ultralight. I wouldn't pay list
price ($130.00) for an E10.

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I would like to thank John, Gary, Rob and George for answering my
questions. The answer to these questions lead me to buy the Eton E100.

I could not be happier with my new radio. I paid about $40.00 from

I was looking for a digital radio that I could use for the ULr
Sprints, use for MW DX every night as I fall asleep and take with me
when I travel (so I needed a small battery powered radio with no
external antennas).

My other ULr is a Sony SRF-59. While I really like the 59, I wanted a
digital radio to better compete.

In the Sprints I feel that for the barefoot class you should not have
to use a spotting radio. The E100 is more than capable of being used
stand alone for any Sprint.

If you look at the last Sprint, it was a Sony SRF-T615 that won the
barefoot class and a Sangean DT-200VX (modified with a booster bar) in
the Unlimited class. I wanted a radio that I could use barefoot with
the qualities of both the 615 and 200.

I think I found it in the E100 at a cost below either radio.

Thank you,

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