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Great, Paul...  Glad that you like the E100.  I now own FOUR!!! (Well, one is a broken "parts" set.)

If you ever get interested in tinkering with this little gems, the E100 is perfect and easy to hot rod in a number of different ways. Gary DeB, Guy A and I are going crazy doing all sorts of semi-obscene things to our E100s. We are planning a series of two page "How-To" articles to start in the early Fall./

Personally, I'm convinced that the E100 will be the Ultralight Digital Classic, just like the SRF-39 family is for the analog sets.

Glad that you took the plunge!

John B.

At 02:06 PM 6/19/2008 +0000, you wrote:

I would like to thank John, Gary, Rob and George for answering my
questions. The answer to these questions lead me to buy the Eton E100.

I could not be happier with my new radio. I paid about $40.00 from Fry's.

I was looking for a digital radio that I could use for the ULr
Sprints, use for MW DX every night as I fall asleep and take with me
when I travel (so I needed a small battery powered radio with no
external antennas).

My other ULr is a Sony SRF-59. While I really like the 59, I wanted a
digital radio to better compete.

In the Sprints I feel that for the barefoot class you should not have
to use a spotting radio. The E100 is more than capable of being used
stand alone for any Sprint.

If you look at the last Sprint, it was a Sony SRF-T615 that won the
barefoot class and a Sangean DT-200VX (modified with a booster bar) in
the Unlimited class. I wanted a radio that I could use barefoot with
the qualities of both the 615 and 200.

I think I found it in the E100 at a cost below either radio.

Thank you,

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> Two days ago, Paul Weiss and I had a brief private exchange related
> to the DT-200VX and the E100. Paul was kind enough to allow me to
> post the relevant parts here. John Bryant
> On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 8:46 PM, John H. Bryant
> << mailto:bjohnorcas@...>bjohnorcas@...> wrote:
> Hi, Paul, answers below:
> At 08:03 PM 6/13/2008 -0500, you wrote:
> >Hi John,
> >
> >What do you think about the DT-200VX unmodified?
> Nice radio, but needs sharper IF filter. Guy Atkins is the one who
> knows the details of the filter and could maybe send you an internal
> >I am looking at a simple digital ULr to run barefoot.
> I really think that the one to get is the Eton E100. They are still
> available on Ebay for about $40... Lots of advantages over the
> DT-200VX. Its as sharp, filtering, STOCK as is my DT-200VX
> modified. Has 1 kHz tuning (channel by channel w/no off-tuning for
> the DT-200VX)
> I have one DT-200VX. I have FOUR E100s. :>)
> >I currently have an SRF-59 and it rocks other than not having a
> >digital readout. I have looked at the SRF-M37V but have heard it has
> >some problems. Gary posted that a modified 37 is not better than a
> >barefoot 200VX.
> Although Allen Willie has set a huge number of records with the M37V,
> it does not offer many important advantages that the 200VX provides
> stock.... and I think that the 200VX is a distant second place to the
> E100, myself. I think that Gary may do a mid-summer shoot-out that
> will expand on some of my observations. I own all three digitals
> that you mention. I love the E100!!!
> >Also, in case I might want to modify the 200VX can you explain the
> >filters please. And also your booster bar.
> The booster bar is similar to the one that Gil Stacy wrote about. His
> article is in the Ultralight files at <>
> Thanks for asking, Paul. Please let me know if I can forward a copy
> of this to the Ultralight group. I think that several people might
> be interested in the answer.
> John B.
> Paul then asked:
> Couple of questions about the E100. Does it qualify as a
> ULr? I see in the documents that they do not list SW as a band that a
> ULr can have although it is in the ULr Gallery pdf.
> Yes, Paul, the E100 was accepted by the Committee as an
> Ultralight. I believe that it is the only digitally-dialed ULR with
> one kHz tuning steps... Very handy for slight off-tuning, of
> course. It is certainly acceptable for the Barefoot Class for
> Records and Awards.
> Since the E100 is no longer part of the Eton Line, I'd guess that the
> availability of them on Ebay, new-in-box, is very finite.
> John Bryant

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