Re: GS Ultralight Loggings May 10, 2009

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

Hi Kevin,

Thanks. Basically I started ultralight DXing in September 2008. My first ULR logging was in Jan. 2008 (a new station I heard on my then-new SRF-59) but I didn't log anything else on it until Sept. I got started in Sept. because I had just logged Radio Rebelde from Cuba on 1180 kHz on a Kaito KA-1103 and on an impulse I decided to see if I could hear it on the SRF-59. I was amazed to hear it almost as well on the little Sony, and thus an ultralight DXer was born.

Actually I had been thinking for several months to start doing it, as I was inspired by Robert Ross's posts to the ODXA reflector. It was that logging of R. Rebelde that pushed me into action.

Basically it has taken me 8 months to get to 298. I sure hope to reach 300 soon because I want to turn my attention to other things in radio for a while, but I want to get to 300 before I make that pause.

I did the first 200 using the Sony SRF-59. I'm still logging new stations with that Sony, but most of my ULR activities now are divided equally between the Eton E-100 and the Sangean DT-400W. I'm also still doing all this "barefoot".

Greg S.

Hey Greg:

Good going! Some time this week will be the magic 300 no doubt.

I plan to re-zero my log book and start over in the fall - how long
did it take you to get this far? Here on the West Coast it may take
a while...

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA
$ Greg Shoom -
$ Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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