Re: New Sony ULR spotted on eBay: the ICF-40


Nice catch!

Since it uses two AAA batteries, it's a good bet the circuit design differs from the SRF-x9 series which operate on a single cell. Also, being a non-NAM model it does not seem to cover the expanded MW band - at least from the dial markings. Perhaps a tracking adjustment could fix that!

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Hi all:

I've seen this elsewhere outside North America, but the ICF-40 is now for
sale on eBay, $36.99 delivered from an apparently reputable dealer out of
Korea. See item number 130305820932. The seller has three listed, so who
knows how many he actually has.

The ICF-40 is an analog set with speaker. If it's the SRF-39 or 59 with a
larger tuning dial and speaker, it could be an appealing unit! It's also
styled a bit more elegant than most. Based on the listed size and
apparent lack of esoteric features, this appears to be an ULR that meets
the definitions, so it would be interesting to hear if anyone has any
first- (or second-) hand knowledge of this!

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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