Re: South Africans Break Most of the Distance Records

Gary DeBock

Well Rob,
When I first purchased the SRF-59 in November of 2007 and logged 3 TP's with it, the only thing I was really worried about was being laughed out of the IRCA. Fortunately the ULR DXing craze caught on like wildfire, so the club decided to leave me alone :>)
Congratulations Gary on completely demolishing the ULR distance records, and giving our Grayland group a serious slice of humble pie. We will need some serious propagation luck (and fanatical antennas) to ever be competitive with you guys again-- but that won't stop us from trying!
73 and Great Job,    the other Gary D.  
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John H. Bryant wrote:

Congratulations to Gary Deacon !!
!  He just sent what follows to Rob Ross and me.  Since Allen Willie is now the Custodian of the Records> I'll send him a copy of this as Gary's official submission.


John Bryant

Jealous in Stillwater, USA


Congratulations are definitely in order to Gary Deacon of South Africa  for completely DEMOLISHING most of the current Distance Records for Ultralight DX'ing!!! Way to go Gary......Now we all have something to shoot for during the next DX Season!! All of this is truly amazing and a little Mind Boggling for me.....and I'm sure the rest of the ULR Community!! I don't think Gary DeBock had any of this in mind when he purchased that first SONY SRF-59. We never really knew where this ULR Thing was going to go.....but Man....this is just too much!! As John says Gary...Please start tallying up your totals for the various
Awards...and we'll be happy to confirm the Awards you are qualified for!! I'm sure Allen Willie will be updating the ULR Records real soon to reflect your Amazing Records in the Field!! Keep up the Good work Gary...and we look forward to reading about your next Amazing Feat!!

Regards.....ROB. (For the ULR Awards Committee)

Robert S. Ross VA3SW
London, Ontario CANADA

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