SW OH DX logs

Mark Meece <antennapig@...>

Just a few this week to pass along. Several 50kW flamethrowers, a nice 400w at 331 AMP. Heard KOA 850 Denver, which I got years ago, but this time its using a tiny barefoot walkman radio. A new state for me, South Carolina with a 5kW regional. Up to 16 states logged with SRF-59.


2000-2020 CDT 540 WAUK, Jackson, WI, ESPN Sunday Night Baseball
Yankees at Red Sox.


0116-0122 EDT 660 WFAN, New York, NY, Call in talk show w/ discussion
of the new Yankee Stadium into ID and MLB scores.

0025-0036 CDT 720 WGN, Chicago, IL, prgm "Website Wednesday" with
computer help for callers. BOH TC and ID "It's 12:30
at Newstalk 730 WGN". Into news w/ David Jennings.

0138-0151 EDT 750 WSB, Atlanta, GA, prgm Neal Boortz Show w/political talk.
ID and promo at 0147.

0052-0058 CDT 820 WBAP, Fort Worth, TX, various ADs into an EAS for north
central Texas for a Thunderstorm Warning for Wise County.
ID w/Midnight Radio Network at 0057.


2334-2354 MDT 850 KOA, Denver, CO, Various ADs, into The Jon Caldera
Show w/ talk of campaign finance laws. ID at 2350
"Newsradio 850 KOA" into a Colorado Rockies promo.

0155-0203 EDT 1330 WYRD, Greenville/Spartanburg, SC, TOH ID into Fox News.

Mark, N8ICW
Miamisburg, OH

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