Re: Two new ultralights - Nov 2022

Michael Schuster

I found your post really interesting. As the radio has analogue tuning (despite being DSP), how is this impacted by turning steps (9 or 10khz).

Of course this is all speculation until performance and teardown evals are done on this new model - but realistically one would not expect new superhet models at this time and price point.
If this set is designed as were previous models, the "analogue tuning" is just an illusion, it is a mechanically controlled digital receiver.
The tip-off is in actual use, as the tuning experience is not continuous but rather jumps from one frequency to the next as the knob is turned.
The DSP chip performs all of the "radio" operations, and is simply fed commands from an external control (e.g. a potentiometer or rotary encoder for tuning).
Parameters such as frequency ranges, MW step, and such can be in firmware and/or controlled externally.

The CCrane EP Pro (a full size portable using the Si4734) is an excellent example of the downsides of distributing this kind of radio outside its intended market.
In the second production run, in response to customer demand, they brought out the DSP logic lines that control MW step onto a physical slide switch which is now mounted on the back panel, to allow the user to also select 9KHz steps outside North America.

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