Re: New arrival Sihuadon R-108

Gary DeBock

On Sat, Sep 24, 2022 at 06:57 AM, FenDrifter wrote:

Hi Peter, Gary and all
SORTED!! Having tried the reset button and removing and replacing the battery I decided to take the back off and see if I could see anything obvious. Initially I was going to remove the battery and wait a couple of days, but impatience got the better of of me. I sat and mulled over the odd things that had been happening and was of the opinion that there was either a short or broken connection. Well, I'd removed three screws from the back, and opened the battery compartment to see if there were any in there, and then I saw it. Of the three terminals that contact the battery, two of them were bent down! I was able to get my fingernail under them and gently ease them up. I then carefully inserted the battery, the screen came to life and bingo all was working!! Seeing that the battery was about two thirds charged I connected a power pack and as hoped the the oscillating three bars indicated it was charging; I was extremely pleased! The question is of course how they come to be bent down in the first place? The thought I had was that the 'safety insert' that's there to insulate these terminals from the battery between manufacture and purchase had possibly done the damage when pushed home, it is rather thick. The only other thing really is that it was done on assembly. Either way, you can all make your own decision as to whether or not go this route of purchase. 

A very happy man


Thanks for the update, and I'm happy that your R-108 model is now working after the battery terminals have been connected.

Despite this, the complete lack of communication from XHDATA regarding your inoperative model is still good reason for others to be wary of this company, and their unreliable "warranty."


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