Retekess V115 for recording of FM Radio - Questions please?


Using the Retekess V115 for recording of FM Radio - Some questions please?

Hi all,

I have the following scenario I'd like to fulfill...

I'd like to be able to sit on an FM station for several hours and record this station in the hopes of hearing some remote DX during playback at a later date.

1)  How is the FM reception on the V115 - I'm guessing pretty good?
2)  Is recording easy and how is playback accomplished?  Maybe it is easier to take the SD chip out and listen to it in a computer or other playback source?
3)  What is the battery of life with/during extensive recording?
4)  How does the V115 stack up against the Prunus J-401 (in case anyone has one)?

Thanks for any help in advance!  :)


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