Strange Observation

kirk74601 <kirk74601@...>

Greetings Everyone,

Last evening (around 0000) UTC),I was walking around the kitchen here
in the apt., and then I stepped outside to check for a MW station ID. I
noticed that every time I got within a few feet of the telephone
connection box out back, I suddenly started getting a huge amount of
increased signal strength and clarity on any MW station. I'm seriously
thinking about trying to tap into this. After all, the box clearly
says "customer access" and is only shut by one little screw. I'll let
you know what I can find out on this as soon as I have the time to mess
with it. Obviously this isn't illegal because there's not a lock nor
seal on the box like there is on our typical electrical meters here. My
main concern is that it may overload the E-100 or the SRF-59. You guys
ever had this experience before?? I don't know for sure, but I might
accidentally be onto something pretty good here. Will try this tomorrow
and get back to you all on it.

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