Re: New arrival Sihuadon R-108


Peter, most of this size  look externally similar, but  is this an upgraded AR-1733?
I have the latter, which was better than average  - until battery leakage killed it...


On 16/09/2022 13:13, Peter 1956 wrote:

Sihuadon R-108 on FM vs Tecsun PL-398MP
Hello all,
I compared selectivity and sensitivity of the Sihuadon R-108 and Tecsun PL-398MP (my best portable for FM), close to Blackpool Tower, my local FM transmitter sits on top. The Sihuadon has no overload, unlike its bigger brother the XHDATA D-808.
 The Tecsun PL-398MP and the Sihuadon R-108 have very similar selectivity. The latter has slightly better sensitivity and better audio quality. The Tecsun has a longer whip but the R-108 can more than match it.


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