Re: France Inter on 162 kHz - carrier only?

Mark Roberts

@Drifter - I have both the North American version of the DT-800 and the European version. The European version doesn't have the North American weather band (162.40-55 MHz) and FM de-emphasis is set for 50 usec; the North American version has the weather band and 75 usec FM de-emphasis. Otherwise they are similar if not identical. FM performance is excellent, and RDS is included. AM medium-wave performance I would categorize as good but not exceptional. Two bandwidths, approximately 2.5 kHz and 4 kHz. Speaker audio has a dynamic bass boost available but it doesn't boost as much compared to other Sangean models. I am happy with these purchases but I don't rely upon them as my sole travel radio, e.g. the Tecsun PL310ET can be a true "clock radio" and the Sangean really doesn't do that; the Tecsun's FM performance is even better than the DT-800's; the Tecsun has "easy tuning mode" which is great for travel; and so on.

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Hi Mark
On that particular day reception was remarkably good on longwave, with Radio Luxembourg coming in unusually well, although I have to confess to not listening to it much these days. I was interested to hear what you said about the French FM stations, I may have a saunter through that frequency soon. I can't as yet get excited about DAB but I'm aware of it's popularity. The Sangean DT-800 certainly takes my fancy, but it's high price makes me hesitate, is it's performance what it should be?

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Thanks, all. @Drifter - your findings are consistent with what I was getting in the southeastern Netherlands near Eindhoven, though there was electrical interference giving me trouble for Radio Luxembourg.

Radio 4 is at least a good replacement for the former World Service transmitter on 648 kHz MW. Just wanted some English-language radio while visiting the in-laws.

The French FM networks are extensive plus there are more local signals now so it's not surprising they've given up on other analog modes. I should buy a DAB radio for the next time I'm here but I've found that I can order just about anything from Amazon France and it will get to my house in California in about a week.

I may not bring the '925 along the next time I'm in Europe, I'm sorry to say. While its audio quality is good, its medium-wave tuning is difficult and FM performance is outstripped by the other radios I brought along - this time a Tecsun PL310ET and a Sangean DT-800 European version.

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Hi Mark
i'm in Cambridgeshire UK and just fired up my 925 Sports (analogue dial version) and on a quick scan all I'm getting are Radio 4, Radio 
Luxembourg and RTE Ireland. I'd be happy to look more closely for anything else if you require. 


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