Re: New arrival Sihuadon R-108

Gary DeBock

On Fri, Sep 16, 2022 at 01:59 AM, Peter 1956 wrote:
Hello Gary,
I did of course re-read your 2021 ultralight shootout.
My incarnation of the R-108 seems better then the one you reviewed there, and the ones in your 7.5 inch R-108 slider video. They seem to have cured the strange noises etc,. The Amber back-light is much easier on the retina than the 1000 lumens white searchlight that my D-808 has :). The Sihuadon R-108 doesn't seem to have the numerous dead carriers that the XHDATA D-808 has either.
The black colour makes the white and orange labels easier to read than on the grey version. Ironically the black version was £2 cheaper than the grey version on Amazon UK.
Thanks Peter,

Very interesting about the R-108 refinements. I suppose the Chinese designers have read my R108 review (and others) and improved upon the rough edges, but unfortunately those of us who purchased early R-108 models already have pretty indelible memories of the model's weak points for weak-signal AM-DXing. The FM and AIR band performance has always been above average in this class, however.


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