Re: Terk Loop vs other loops


I have both the terk and the tecsun I bought recently. I would say the tecsun has the edge over the terk very slightly maybe but both do there job very well inductively or direct 

If you want the best loop around though try to find a second hand wellbrook 1530

On Sun, 11 Sep 2022, 08:23 Ola Fredriksson via, <> wrote:

Hi all, I wonder if anyone if you have knowledge about Terk Loop vs other loops, like Tecsun AN200? I had contact with Jay Allen and he told me that there is no significant differences between loops of this size. 

I have the PK-loop, 45cm diameter and a Tecsun AN200. No significant difference. I recognize that Terk loop is quite wide. Maybe a better nulling? Thanks in advance 

73 from Ola in Sweden 

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