Re: Terk Loop vs other loops

kevin asato

The Terk loop appears much wider than it is. If you removed the screws and cover, you will find that the actual loop itself is about 1/3 the width of the form. 8 turna are connected to the tuning capacitor and a single coupling loop is connected to the 1/8"/3.5mm socket on the back. The coupling loop can be used to remotely couple to the AM band radio. in addition, i have used this coupling loop to an antenna wire and ground and inductively coupled the entire loop to a radio. i use the larger loop and capacitor to peak the reception. This makes it similar to the other loop antennas as the AN200. 


On Sun, Sep 11, 2022 at 12:23 AM Ola Fredriksson via <> wrote:

Hi all, I wonder if anyone if you have knowledge about Terk Loop vs other loops, like Tecsun AN200? I had contact with Jay Allen and he told me that there is no significant differences between loops of this size. 

I have the PK-loop, 45cm diameter and a Tecsun AN200. No significant difference. I recognize that Terk loop is quite wide. Maybe a better nulling? Thanks in advance 

73 from Ola in Sweden 

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