Re: Radio Vesti in Russian 1413 kHz, from Moldova, received in South Africa #ultralightdx


These replies are all very interesting to me, I really am still learning about AM DXing. Seems like I should invest in a loop antenna, at the moment I don't use any external antennas, my Vesti FM reception was barefoot on the XHDATA D-808. Even though it appears to be quite common, for me it was still quite unusual, haven't received anything on 1413 kHz before. A question, to Peter specifically, I see the Botswana reception was on the PL-360. I am currently looking at getting either a PL-360 or PL-365. The 360 is available on the XHDATA website in China for just $45, seems like a real bargain. The 365 is $67. My question, is the 365 worth the extra $22?

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