Re: Radio Vesti in Russian 1413 kHz, from Moldova, received in South Africa #ultralightdx

Gary DeBock

On Sun, Aug 28, 2022 at 09:59 AM, Andre wrote:
Hi everyone, I see a number of members here are posting about the MW season. I did not know that there was a season for MW, is it during the Northern hemisphere winter? So will the MW season be in my winter if I am in the Southern hemisphere? I am still a bit new to MW DXing.

Last week I picked up a MW station from Moldova, Radio Vesti in Russian. It was on 1413 kHz using the XHDATA D-808 with only the internal antenna, picked up in South Africa. Moldova is 7500 miles from me, so I was quite chuffed with this one. I checked on an online SDR using the Radio Waves app to make sure, and was able to confirm.

Was I able to pick this up because it is MW season now?
Hello Andre (and Peter),

As Peter has explained, the Southern Hemisphere AM-DX season is best during local winter, although long range trans-equatorial receptions can also be very good during the month of August. Here on the west coast of North America, this month is peak season for reception of New Zealand, Australian, Fiji and Tonga AM-DX at the Rockwork ocean cliff site near Manzanita, Oregon. The second longest AM-DX reception in Ultralight radio history (558-6WA in Wagin, Western Australia) was made at this site. The longest AM-DX reception in Ultralight radio history was made by Gary Deacon at Fish Hoek, South Africa (850-KOA in Denver, Colorado, USA). These kinds of receptions are rare, but possible under great conditions.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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