Radio Vesti in Russian 1413 kHz, from Moldova, received in South Africa #ultralightdx


Hi everyone, I see a number of members here are posting about the MW season. I did not know that there was a season for MW, is it during the Northern hemisphere winter? So will the MW season be in my winter if I am in the Southern hemisphere? I am still a bit new to MW DXing.

Last week I picked up a MW station from Moldova, Radio Vesti in Russian. It was on 1413 kHz using the XHDATA D-808 with only the internal antenna, picked up in South Africa. Moldova is 7500 miles from me, so I was quite cuffed with this one. I checked on an online SDR using the Radio Waves app to make sure, and was able to confirm.

Was I able to pick this up because it is MW season now?

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