[irca] IRCA Reprints update

Peter Laws

I assume you are all aware of IRCA, the foremost MW DX club in the
whole entire world (I think that was what I was told), but if you
aren't ... you should be. Dues are $5 for the first year, the $0
thereafter (we take PayPal for the initial year, but subsequent years
can only be paid in *coin*) so if you aren't already a member, then
you should definitely do so ASAP. 35 electronic issues of DX Monitor
are only a PayPal away.

That's not what Nick's email is about though. The link below will
take members and non-members alike to IRCA's library of column
reprints spanning nearly 60 years. Some of it is pure nostalgia (I
spent way too long looking at the list of FCC assignments and classes
c.1978, in G-026!) but a lot of it is quite current and technical.
Plenty of information on the latest Chinese radios and loads about
antennas like the "FSL".

Go check it out and then send your PayPal money and join (assuming you
aren't already a member).

Peter Laws
Editor, DX Worldwide/Tropical Band DX column
International Radio Club Of America
N5UWY / EM15if

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From: Nick Hall-Patch
Date: Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 11:59 PM
Subject: [irca] IRCA Reprints update

The International Radio Club’s Reprints collection of over 1000
articles about antennas, radio propagation, receivers, accessories,
plus items of general interest to MW DXers, continues to grow. We’ve
published an update to the index, at
, so that everyone can get access to these latest additions.

The latest update is dated June 2022 and includes items from DX
Monitor up the end of 2021. as well as items of interest from
elsewhere, used with permission.

Added items in this update are marked "(NEW)", plus there are a few
updated articles as well.

Please pass on this information to others as you see fit, and if you
see any errors or problems, please let me know.

best wishes,


Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC

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