August 1-4 Rockwork Cliff Portable + FSL Antenna Highlights & MP3's

Gary DeBock

From August 1-4 the Rockwork 4 ocean cliff near Manzanita, Oregon was once again the scenic venue for all-out DU-DXing with simple portables (CC Skywave and XHDATA D-808 models) and several 6 inch (15cm) FSL antennas on 4 foot (1.2m) PVC bases. My trip coincided with DXpedition partner Tom Rothlisberger (who used an SDR and broadband loop) only on the August 4th session.

In contrast to last year's record breaking DXpedition the Australian propagation was limited, but the New Zealand stations were as strong as ever, along with 1017-Tonga and (sometimes) 558-Fiji. The Highway 101 turnoff always had a few "interlopers" to make antenna setup interesting, but as far as I know both Tom and I were always able to set up as we desired in the predawn darkness. Highlights were exceptional signals from low-powered Kiwis like 765-Kahungunu and 936-Chinese Voice on August 1st, an excellent session for 558-Radio Fiji One on August 2nd and the chance (along with Tom) to enjoy romping Kiwi low and mid-band propagation-- something fairly unique among west coast reports this season. Although Longwave action was very limited the Kiwi MW signals were memorable indeed, and well worth the trip.

531  More FM   Alexandra, NZ   2 kW   This station is fairly unusual DX on the west coast except at the Rockwork cliff. Local adverts ("for New Zealanders like you") at 1259 on 8-1
                         Modern rock and Yankee-accented female ID (at 59 seconds) at 1312 on 8-1
558  Radio Fiji One   Suva, Fiji   10 kW   This island music station showed up every day but had an exceptional session on 8-2. This S9 island music was at 1309 on 8-2
                           More typical island music at 1317 on 8-2
                           Island music and native language ID ("Radio Fiji One, na domoiviti" at 17 seconds) at 1259 on 8-2

576  Star   Hamilton, NZ   2.5 kW   The "dwarf Star" easily gets its music through without any Aussie competition at 1313 on 8-1; the 657-Star parallel (S9+) is checked from 38 seconds on

765  Radio Kahungunu   Napier-Hastings, NZ   2.5 kW   Blaster signal with Māori music and chants at 1242 on 8-1

936  Chinese Voice   Auckland, NZ   1 kW   Another huge Kiwi signal with Chinese music from this low powered ethnic station at 1247 on 8-1
                     More S9+ Chinese music from this 1 kw blaster at 1243 on 8-1
                      Female Chinese vocal music at 1237 during the romping 8-1 session

1017  A3Z   Nuku'alofa, Tonga   10 kW   The usual blowtorch signal with island music at 1249 on 8-3
                      Native language male speech testing the portable's front end crunch level at 1308 on 8-3

1017  Newstalk ZB   Christchurch, NZ   10 kW   Very unusual for this Kiwi station to be completely dominant over Tonga at an S9 level at 1305 on 8-3

1107  Magic Talk   Tauranga/ Rotorua, NZ   5/ 3 kW   Another S9+ Kiwi signal with male hosted call-in talk at 1308 on 8-3
Gary DeBock (DXing with Tom Rothlisberger at the Rockwork ocean cliff from August 1-4)
7.5 inch (19cm) loopstick CC Skywave and XHDATA D-808 portables + three 6 inch (15 cm) FSL antennas
August 2022 Rockwork DXpedition video posted at (11) August 2022 Rockwork Cliff DU-DXpedition - YouTube

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