Re: Very long-distance MW, 4 400 miles


Thank you so much for the replies, Steve and Keith! I am really quite amazed by what the guys down in Cape Town have picked up, especially the Ecuador one! Cape Point and Blombosch are really perfect locations for MW DXing, especially Cape Point, there is almost no interference, no built-up areas anywhere nearby, and the Cape Point peninsula is basically surrounded by ocean, both sides. The little I do know of MW propagation is that the ocean helps a lot, that is why many MW DXers apparently listen on the beach, from what I've read. I am inland though, well inland, my nearest ocean is about 400 miles away. But I am at high altitude, Johannesburg is at exactly the same altitude as Denver, the mile-high city. So I'm guessing that might help a bit.

Steve, I did not actually consider Oman or Saudi Arabia, although they do now seem possible. l checked again on the Skywaves Android app, which is what I use to identify my signals, and it is as you said, both the BBC from Oman and SBA from Saudi Arabia use that frequency. Also two stations in Egypt. I think you might be correct, the BBC from Oman, with an 800kW transmitter, seems the most likely.

Keith, there is a local station on 702 kHz, right here in Johannesburg, but they were off air yesterday, that's how I was able to pick up something else on their frequency. There are no other local or neighbouring-country stations on 702 kHz that I know of or can find on the Skywaves app.

I am really beginning to enjoy my MW DXing!

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