Re: Grundig G5 vs Degen 1103


Hi all,
I own an Etón E5 which I turned on recently and although still working okay on AM it seems more 'shushy' than I recall. I had a look around on eBay but as expected there were no E5/G5's for sale. What there was however wa an Etón G3 Globe Traveller, listed as only working on FM. I decided to take a chance, and am now wishing I hadn't! What I've found is that whenever you go to AM there's a constant whistle, and no reception. I'm not knowledgeable at all about the technical side, but I suspect this will be more expensive to repair than it's worth? It's a shame because being analogue tuning with separate upper and lower side bands it's just what I like. On the face of it it would appear that the G3 is an updated version of my E5, and that's what appealed to me. Looking at YouTube videos also were generally encouraging, but as they say, that's life.

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