Re: My furthest ultralight DX


Radio Carraviz, Peru (received near Moscow, Degen-1103, built-in whip antenna), MW 1570 kHz, 1,5 kW, 12600 km.
73, Eduard.

вторник, 5 июля 2022 г., 14:05:52 GMT+3, Paul S. in CT <dxrx@...> написал(-а):

Thanks for digging this up...

Mine is R. Australia from CT USA. Back in the mid-2000's I caught numerous times their broadcast in N. Hemisphere winter early in the morning like 4AM-6AM. For this I used a Tecsun R911 and the lamp was lit bright. Seems that R. Oz was pointing their 100kW at just the right direction (azimuth) of 70 degrees on 9570 kHz. The distance by Great-Circle mapping is 16,676 km (10,350 mi.).

Before their demise, I also caught this on a PL-310 and 210 model.

Paul S. in Ct FN31nl

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