Re: Ferrite antenna advice for LW

Gary DeBock

Hi Again John,

<<<   I am curious as to why the external loopstick works with only a single coil - my understanding of traditional AM receivers is that they have a primary and a secondary coil which are coupled via the tap to the radio circuit. Do DSP radios work differently to analog radios in this respect? Many thanks   >>>

All of the original DSP Ultralight radios (Tecsun PL-310, PL-380, PL-360 etc.) had a loopstick design with a single coil, which matched the specifications of their internal (Silicon Labs) Si4734 DSP chips. These DSP chips were designed to operate with a single coil from 180-450 uH in inductance, although experimentally they worked very well with coils of greater inductance for improved Longwave reception. These DSP chips provided a huge breakthrough in Ultralight radio performance at the time (2008-2010), and were a primary reason why the Ultralight radio niche group exploded in popularity worldwide.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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