Moving House - New DXing Location

Paul Blundell

Of late my DXing time has been limited due to work and family commitments. I have been working on MWDXerDB and am making some good progress on this. 

The exciting news is that shortly we are moving house, out of town to a farm, this has a few benefits for my DXIng:
- I will be 26km away from my local pest station on 1008kHz, instead of 7km.
- Less RF as the farm is well away from other houses
- More space to setup my DXing gear
- Access to a couple of private hill tops, this will help with the FM side of the hobby and tracking down some low power stations, being well away from the RF soup which is the city area where I currently live.

This is going to be a fresh start, I am going to start new logs and once I get a feel for the difference this makes to what I can hear and how well, I will be planning some new challenges.



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