Re: Kaimeda SRW 710-S

Martin Courcel

My Kaimeda arrived in the post couple days ago.

They seem to be the same but they aren't totally identical.

On my Retekess the volume control is inactive when the recording function is in use. On the Kaimeda you can still change the volume when recording.

There may be other differences...

73, Martin.

Le 13/05/2022 à 07:37, william yim a écrit :

Generally speaking, Both of them are identically the same. I think they are all from the same OEM. However, you may find some Chinese variants with Bluetooth as well at the same price. You can check it out.


Martin Courcel <courcel@...> 於 2022年5月2日 週一 01:33 寫道:


Anyone know if the Kaimeda SRW 710-S is totally similar to the Retekess V115 (a.k.a. TIVDIO V115)?

It seems to be sightly cheaper.

73, Martin.

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