General coverage passive antenna, RF Systems GMDSS

Jerry H. Neves

Hello. Am looking for an R.F. Systems vertical passive antenna, made in Holland years ago. It is about 6 feet tall,
goes by name GMDSS  type antenna. I got mine from Universal Radio years ago and it was so sensitive on general coverage, etc. Unfortunately my antenna crashed down in a storm, and now it’s intermittent on receive. By just bending it will cause to receive on and off. It’s white in color and bottom has a metal sleeve with the SO 239 connection for coaxial cable. It cost me a bit of money…. Any one of the members might have one for sale? I live in Santa Cruz, ca. Hopefully I placed this request in the proper place. The antenna is totally sealed, etc.
Any help appreciated.
Jerry Neves, KA6POZ

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