Re: Spectacular X-class Solar Flare & WCGA 1100 Test

Bruce Conti

On Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 5:56 PM Les Rayburn <les@...> wrote:
A powerful X-Class flare occurred on the Sun this morning, causing a radio blackout on shortwave briefly. 20 Meters was nearly unusable for an hour or so. 
It’s unclear how that will impact medium wave conditions later today when the WCGA test begins at Midnight EDT (0400 UTC). But generally, X-Class flares result in higher levels of D-layer ionization, which means that it dissipates more slowly at sunset. Long-distance reception on MW is less likely in these conditions.

"Long-distance reception on MW is less likely in these conditions."  Not entirely true.  This could actually enhance long distance reception to the south.  Often a geomagnetic disturbance will subdue northern signals which in this case could reduce co-channel interference from 50 kW WTAM for DX'ers in the eastern U.S.

Bruce Conti
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