Spectacular X-class Solar Flare & WCGA 1100 Test

Les Rayburn

See the email from Spaceweather.com below. A powerful X-Class flare occurred on the Sun this morning, causing a radio blackout on shortwave briefly. 20 Meters was nearly unusable for an hour or so. 

It’s unclear how that will impact medium wave conditions later today when the WCGA test begins at Midnight EDT (0400 UTC). But generally, X-Class flares result in higher levels of D-layer ionization, which means that it dissipates more slowly at sunset. Long-distance reception on MW is less likely in these conditions. 

This isn’t really a surprise. The sun has been extremely active of late, but we had hoped for a reprieve until after the test tonight. 

Remember, the greater the challenge—the larger the reward. See you all tonight and Good DX! 


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Subject: Spectacular X-class Solar Flare
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Space Weather News for April 30, 2022

X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: The sun produced another X-class solar flare today. Even though the responsible sunspot was located behind the edge of the sun, enough radiation reached our planet to cause a strong shortwave radio blackout. Learn more about today's explosion @  Spaceweather.com.

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Above: Debris from today's X-class solar flare. Credit: NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
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