Re: My furthest ultralight DX


Hi everyone,

I'd like to share another long-distance reception report, not as far as my previous one, but still 11 000 km (just over 6 800 miles). It is Radio Pilipinas, from Tinang, in Tagalog, 15190 kHz in the 19m band. I seem to be getting really good reception in the 19m band right now, daytime and night time. This one was at night, 20:00 CAT, 18:00 UTC. Again a comparison between my three sets, the Retekess V115, Tecsun R808 and Eton Elite Traveler. All three performed very well, all three barefoot, but the Eton was just exceptional, at times as clear as FM. Here is the link to listen:

As an aside, I am waiting with bated breath for my XHDATA D-808, have seen so many good reviews of that one. Ordered directly from China, it has been in transit from the airport in Johannesburg to my house (50km away) for two months now, that's kind of normal here in South Africa. Hopefully soon!

All the best!


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