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I got started in Tx when I was in the country and daytime radio was horrendous.  My first transmitter used a 6CQ8 tetrode section to  put out a few tens of mW on the AM band and a 7disk changer into the triode section provided the modulation.  Because there was no filter to the antenna, harmonics were detectable up towards 20MHz.

It was highly illegal and more so because it was on a military airfield but it attracted quite an audience.  I even had people bring me their own disks to broadcast.

It kept me fit because I had to sprint back to the setup every time the needle got stuck - 200 yards on the flat plus two flights of stairs.

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This is a open post for discussion, comments appreciated

Ham radio day is today and the newscaster in a nationwide radio station remembered those older days on 80s when many people ….used their mini transmitter to broadcast music in medium waves!
The most known example was the station from Polytechnics in Athens that helped for the resistance against the Junta
Just to remind you that today there are more than 500 unofficial radio operators in MW
I have listened to their program and immediately sent them a message to clarify  that this is not a ham radio station but only unofficial radio transmissions in medium waves enjoying to play music and . This clearly separates between these legal ham operators  who transmit in specified bands in shortwaves and higher bands as like ol'e times using the BC or walkie talkie

The journalist by the way apologized for this mistake, something that she didn’t know

My question:
What happens in your area? Do the journalists know what is the purpose of a radio ham?  

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