Analog radio with digital tuning

dwight richardson

Hi group

Just off the top of you heads, what was (is) a good ANALOG tuning radio with DIGITAL COUNTER?    SW is optional.

Bought Coby cx53 for $5 on a whim  Awful  Hard to tune, barely gets locals  Local mw strong locals overpower weak ones  BUT I  stuck it in my loop last night!  WOW!  Like night and day  I tuned WGN 720 but I could tune the entire mw band on the radio using just my loop  could hear WGN in background but I could get WSM 650 and a local at 1420 great with the radio still tuned to 720  Also unexpectedly the RF interference was gone!  My house has lots of interference too  All gone  Reception great. 

Digital tuning have anything to do with it or would my SRF-39 do this as well?  I’m 68 and digital works for me. Hence original question about analog with digital tuning. 




Bob Richardson

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