Re: Question about AM Station Power - Why so low?

Russ Edmunds

The FCC hasn't the resources to care about no-harm-no-foul infractions. The only way they would get involved in a situation like this would be if they received a legitimate complaint of interference from another station.

Russ Edmunds


Blue Bell, PA

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I've also been picking up WELD off and on since last Dec., with my last reception being on Feb. 25.  The distance to my location in southern Ontario is 295 miles.  Usually all I'm hearing is CKGM (50kW) in Montreal.  Sometimes I can hear WELD faintly underneath, but at times WELD would ride up right over them.  This would occur after midnight when they should have reduced power, unless something has gone wrong with their power reduction switching.  However I would think that the FCC would be on them if they've not been reducing power for any length of time.  This is one of those situations where every night I expect to only hear CKGM but surprise, surprise, this little low power station pops up due to the vagaries of propagation.  That's the fun of it.


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