Re: Question about AM Station Power - Why so low?

Peter Laws

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Why so low? And why 14? Why not 15?

Are they limited by the FCC or just don't want their signal to go too far? I thought the general intention was to reach as many listeners as you can?
Yes/yes and yes, but within the terms of their license.

The are protecting other stations of higher classes on the same or
adjacent channels from interference at night. There are many stations
that operate at 50 kW non-directional, 24/7, but not as many as there
used to be and whatever value there was in trying to entice
advertisers in your night contour seems to be gone these days.
Regardless, if you *ask* a higher class station if they want their
night contour protected, they are unlikely to say "meh". So the rules
assume that they require protection, so you end up with stations
running 14 W at night and that probably covers their City of License

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