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Peter Laws

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Hi Martin,

I guess it's just my first exposure to a station with this much power! :)
The FCC has capped AM station power at 50 kW for decades and decades.
WLW had an STA (or whatever they called it before WW2) for 500 kW and,
IIRC, there were a few others that experimented with Super Power but
those were gone by the 1950s.

If there is an actual FCC cap for FM, I don't know what it is. Pretty
sure there are plenty of 100 kW FMers. But 100 kW on VHF and 100 kW
on MF are two different things.

Also note that I specifically mentioned FCC because *none* of this
applies to other countries. There are *megawatt* stations on the
"standard broadcast" bands in other parts of the world. There used to
be the same on the LW band as well, but I am not certain if those
exist any more - LW stations are going dark quickly.

Off to dig up the maximum for FM in the US ...

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