Re: 864 kHz


Hi Mark
That’s very informative, thanks. It would appear you’re having more luck with your V-115 than I did, but on the up side, it was the radio that got me started! Mine wasn’t the Retekess, it was I believe the first version sold under another name (can’t remember 😟). It was in the kitchen for a year or two and before I threw it out I thought I’d play with it, and that as they say was that! It now sits in the glove compartment of my car, just in case my 368 isn’t in my pocket 🙂. 

I had one of those AN 200 loops but sent it back, I’ll try another one. I have a feeling I might have thought I got Radio Riyadh once, but then discovered that there was another more powerful transmitting on a very close-by frequency. I’m NOT saying that’s what you got, it’s just a stirred memory. Perhaps the info source I used was out of date, because your comment about it being ‘the most powerful’ makes me doubt my recall. Anyway, I’ll definitely tune in that frequency for a while and see what I get. I’ll go and order another AN 200!

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