MASSIVE Power - A little FM DX'ing


Hi all,

Interesting (at least to me!) while FM DX'ing last night...

I live in Michigan (USA) in a very southern area of the state.

So I was surprised last night when I heard an FM Radio station is in a town a little over a hundred miles from me.

Turns out that FM WBCT has the unique distinction of having THE HIGHEST power output of an North American radio station!!! 

From Wikipedia:
"WBCT is a Class B "Superpower Grandfathered" station, meaning its power was granted before the Federal Communications Commission set maximum standards for FM radio stations."

It turns out that this town, Grand Rapids, has two other "Superpower Grandfathered" stations in it as well!  One at 265,000 watts and one at 96,000 watts.  Crazy!

No wonder I could hear it!  ;)


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