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Steve Whitt

Hi Johnny

The list is only relevant for one  particular location. Your local stations may block reception of distant States.


Outside the US it is a different problem all together – but still almost achievable.


Here for example is the target list from the UK.








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Here's an OLD post (January 29, 1992!) from a Google group about hearing 50 states on AM/MW. Note that many of these stations have since changed call-signs, but I believe most of them are still around as of March, 2022: 


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Douglas W. Martin

Jan 29, 1992, 8:46:08 AM


For those interested in dx on the AM broadcast band, here are my
picks for logging all 50 states. In most cases, these are the most powerful
stations in each state, or they are on frequencies with the least
number of competing stations. In a few cases, e.g. South Carolina, the best bet
is not powerful or clear channel. Rather, it has the best night-time
antenna pattern.
For New Hampshire, WFEA-1370 is the only station from that state that
can be heard in the midwest. I don't know why.
Basically, listed stations that are not 50 kw or clear channels are based on
my dx experience all over the country. For whatever reason,
these are the stations that get out best.
I have tried to list more than one station, in case someone has a local station
on the frequency of the best catch.
In many cases, I have notes about Hawaii or the east coast, just to verify
that the given station really gets out. Sorry if some call letters are old;
I did this list from memory.
Hope this helps.
(If anyone has easier stations to log, please let me know.)


Alabama: WERC-960, WHHY-1170
Alaska: KYAK-650, KFQD-750, KBBI-890
(KBBI is the only one that can be heard in Southern Cal)
Arizona: KTNN-660, KNIX-1580
Arkansas: KAAY-1090
California: KFI-640, KNX-1070, KFBK-1530
(All these I have heard from the east coast and from Hawaii.)
Colorado: KOA-850
Connecticut: WTIC-1080
Delaware: WDEL-1150
Florida: WGBS-710, WSRF-1580, WSUN-620
Georgia: WSB-750 (heard in Hawaii)
Hawaii: KIKI-830, KAIM-870,
IOWA: WHO-1040, KXEL-1540
Idaho: KBOI-670
Illinois: WMAQ-670, WGN-720, WBBM-780, WLS-890
(All heard both from the east coast and from Hawaii.)
Indiana: WOWO-1190, WIBC-1070
Kansas: KFDI-1070, KFH-1330, WIBW-580
Kentucky: WHAS-840 (heard in Hawaii.)
Louisiana: WWL-870, KWKH-1130
(both heard from the east coast and from Hawaii.)
Maine: Auburn--1530
Maryland: WBAL-1090
Massachusetts: WBZ-1030 (heard from Hawaii.)
Michigan: WJR-760
Minnisota: WCCO-830
Mississippi: 810 kHz, or WOKJ-1550, or WCPC-940
Missouri: KMOX-1120
Montana: KOFI-1180, KJJR-880
Nebraska: KRVN-880, WOW-590, KFAB-1110
Nevada: KDWN-720, KROW-780, KVEG-840
New Hampshire: WFEA-1370 (logged from Ohio.)
New Jersey: WPAT-930 NEWARK-620
New Mexico: KOB-770
New York: WHAM-1180, NYC-clear--660 770 880
North Carolina: WBT-1110, WPTF-680
North Dakota: KFYR-550, KFNW-1200, KQWB-1550 (all logged from Hawaii)
Ohio: WLW-700, WWWE-1100 (logged from Hawaii)
Oklahoma: KOMA-1520, KRMG-740, KGYN-1210, KVOO-1170
Oregon: KEX-1190, KPNW-1120
Pennsylvania: KDKA-1020, WCAU-1210 (logged from Hawaii)
Rhode Island: WJAR-920 (heard in Ohio)
South Carolina: WFBC-1330
South Dakota: WNAX-570, KBHB-810 (Logged from Hawaii)
Tennessee: WSM-650, Memphis-1030
Texas: WOAI-1200, WBAP-820
Utah: KSL-1160, KFAM-700, KOAL-750
Vermont: WDEV-550, WVMT-620
Virginia: WRVA-1140
Washington DC: WTOP-1500, WRC-980
Washington: KIRO-710, KGA-1510
West Virginia: WWVA-1170
Wisconsin: WISN-1070, WTMJ-620
Wyoming: KTWO-1030

Keith Beesley

Seattle WA USA

On Monday, March 7, 2022, 01:02:43 PM PST, Paul Blundell <tanger32au@...> wrote:



Well done. 


I have been a bit slow with starting my DXing for 2022, my work on MWDXerDB has taken up most of my spare time.


On Tue, 8 Mar 2022, 1:02 am Johnny via, <> wrote:

Hi Paul,

Was cruising along quite quickly at first...
24 States!

But now it has gotten more difficult as the states are further and further away....


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