Re: Today I join the Tecsun PL-368 owners club!

Paul R. Stoetzer

From my use of both, the PL-330 and 368 are extremely similar radios (essentially the same radio in fact) and it really comes down to form factor needed if you’re looking to purchase. The 330 has better audio because of the larger speaker, but the whip antenna is shorter. The only operational difference I’ve noticed is that there’s no thermometer on the 330. 

If your use case involves walking around while listening, the 368 is the better choice due to its easy one handed operation and the longer whip antenna. 


Paul, N8HM  

On Thu, Feb 24, 2022 at 17:25 Marc Coevoet <sintsixtus@...> wrote:
Op 24/02/2022 om 20:07 schreef Johnny via
> Hi all,
> Oh my golly!
> The PL-368 is so compact!

Would the tecsun pl 330 be a good alt to the 368?

because it accepts the same AM antennas ...

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