Re: 15180 km 9432 miles on MW

John Bishop

Hello Peter ...

Totally forgot to congratulate you on the 9.4 kmile DX. Like, WOW! That is awesome.

Probably poor terminology on my part. No, the antenna is not terminated with a 9:1 Balun; it's terminated with a "dog bone" insulator. The antenna is attached to the coax lead in with a 9:1 Balun. Hoping that makes more sense!

Thank you for writing back; very much appreciated!

... John

On 2/21/2022 9:47 PM, Peter 1956 wrote:

I didn't measure the wire but it is about 18m. The balun is homemade with a 9:1 ratio. A wire is non-direction on MW at that length, but it is aligned NW/SE.
You terminate a long wire with a resistor not a balun.

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