Re: 15180 km 9432 miles on MW

John Bishop

Peter ...

Just curious about a few things: 1) how long was your random wire antenna; 2)  in which direction was it pointed; and, 3) what are the specs on the binocular balun?

I've recently put up a 107 foot/ 32.6 meters random wire; it's pointer roughly Northwest; terminate with a 9:1 balun from WiNRADiO.

On 2/21/2022 2:45 PM, Peter 1956 wrote:
1650 KBJD Denver CO 15180km [9432 miles] Received in Botswana. A new best distance for me. Airspy HF+ Discovery, SDR Console V3, random wire with binocular balun. Special thanks to Alessandro G. and Andrew B. of RealDX. Peter

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