Re: PL-368 Has this fault been sorted?


Hi Ron
Thanks for that tip about the antenna, I’ll keep an eye on that screw! County Comm stuff isn’t available in the UK as far as I’m aware, so I’ll just be very careful. The 365 whip is available on eBay, but I’m not certain it’s the same fitting? It’s a bit of luck your screw came out in your case! Also I wasn’t aware that the ferrite was at the bottom, for some reason I thought it was about half way up, so good knowledge there  
Thanks also for, the links you sent, I learnt that I had the wrong idea about the ‘warbling’, I didn’t realise it only applied to the side bands, but I’ve checked again it appears that has been sorted. Have you tried the side band calibration? Do I understand that it has to be done on each band separately? I’m finding it’s pretty damn close anyway, generally needing plus two on fine tuning (is that hertz?). This little wonder is slowly pushing my E5 aside because it’s much more clear, and with my failing hearing that’s a big plus! Still got a lot to learn, but it’s more fun  I’m in the process at the moment of training myself to ignore the damn muted tuning problem! Other than that this is a superb bit of miniature kit.


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