Re: PL-368 Has this fault been sorted?

Ron Layton <micron327@...>

You can switch out the Tecsun brass antenna with a stainless steel one like the County Comm model has. Theses are available from County comm and maybe even eBay. They are sturdier and the green tip is easy to get a good grip on. For some reason the screw at the bottom of this radio came loose and my whip came out of the radio! Fortunately it was in the soft case and I found the screw at the bottom of the case. I opened the radio the rest of the way to make sure the end connector on the antenna wire didn't move away from its position and I could re-screw the whip antenna back in. I saw the internal ferrite and it is tiny! Its all of 1 3/8 inches long and laying horizontally at the base of the radio. Good to know if you use an external antenna with a ferrite probe attachment or something like the ferrite stick antennas.

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