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Echo what Issac said.  

For instance, I am right now working digital modes on 12m.  There are areas I cannot hear right now because propagation doesn’t favor it.  If you were observing you may be able to see me, the station I am calling or both, depending on how the propagation is working for

This happens even more pronounced as you rise in frequency on the HF band and even into 6m.  There will be many times I can see hams working into China, South Korea, India and other parts of Asia but I can only see the US ham working them.  Propagation path exists for them into Asia but not for me.  

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- One station might be closer than the other?
- Band conditions could be different at the two locations
- Power? One HAM might be uisng 100 watts. The other might be using 5watts or 500watts 

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Another beginners question please. Why is it that mainly, in my very limited experience, that received side band transmissions are only heard one way? I got a bit of a shock this afternoon when I heard both sides of a chat while tuned to 7150 kHz sideband, identified as an Englishman called Geoff up in the Orkneys. 


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