New PVC-Frame Passive Loop Photos

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
The annual "March Madness" antenna project here was to build a series of PVC-framed tuned passive loops, with the design objective of making the coils completely symmetrical, and isolating the loop from the frame structure as  much as possible (to provide the best sensitivity, and nulling ability).
Seven PVC-framed tuned passive loops were constructed, with side dimensions of 18", 2', 3', 4', 5', 6' and 7.5'. The use of lightweight, rugged, waterproof and extremely cheap PVC material made this project extremely enjoyable, and each PVC loop seems to have optimum sensitivity for its size.
Four photos have been uploaded to the Ultralightdx Yahoo site, showing the 18", 2' and 7.5' (side) models. The largest model requires some serious real estate for completion, and definitely should not be considered if you have a shaky relationship with any of your neighbors.
The use of PVC material makes construction of monster loops a breeze, however, and I hope to write an article with detailed construction information soon. These PVC loops can turn any ultralight radio into a DXing sensation.
73, Gary DeBock 

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