Congratulations to Chris Knight on TWO New Ultralight Awards!

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Chris Knight of Ft. Lupton, CO, just received the 100 Stations Heard: Barefoot and the 10 Latin Stations Heard: Barefoot awards. Since most of Chris' catches had to be made outside, due to local interference, Chris had to work particularly hard.  I understand that Chris is now shifting over to the Unlimited category, so his totals may grow a bit more quickly.  We look forward to filling out many more awards for Chris!

John Bryant
for the Awards Committee

An extensive group of awards certificates is available from the Ultralight MW DXing Awards Committee. Each recipient receives a digital file which may be used for electronic display or is suitable for framing when printed at 8 12" x 11" on good quality paper. Information on the Awards Program and the simple application procedures are found in the Ultralight Files area of

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