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Ola Fredriksson

Hi Jorge!

Thanks for your information, very impressive with just built in ferrite and congratulations to both of you. I’m waiting for my Degen 1103 as I bought from EBay. It seems it the old version, see the attached picture. Are you using smaller loops as well?

73 from Ola 

15 feb. 2022 kl. 17:31 skrev Jorge Garzón via <iberiaDX@...>:

Hi Ola (from the EU side of the Atlantic) ;-)

Welcome to the group! You will find folks here sharing the passion for ULR DXing and radiolistening. As you, I own the outperformer DEGEN D1103 (non-DSP model). At the end of 2020 Paul Logan from North Ireland and me were listening in paralell trying the Ross DX Challenge Diplom and both pass the Challenge!!! 

After 30 days I heard a total of 402 radio station, identifying 378 broadcasters. EDXC countries heard were 47 (20 from EU, 9 from AF, 9 from AS/ME and 9 from AM. Main numbers of radio stations heard (by countries) were: Spain with 159 stations, UK with 75, The Netherlands with 15, USA with 14 radio stations, and Italy and also Argelia with 11 each!

All of them where received with a DEGEN D1103 and ferrite built-in. 

A full article about this ULR Challenge with daily maps and lists can be viewed here: 

Hope you enjoy!


Jorge Garzón Gutiérrez "IberiaDX" 
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En martes, 15 de febrero de 2022 7:02:53 CET, Ola Fredriksson via <of674@...> escribió:

Hi, in my opinion Sangean 909 and Degen 1103 are good choice. I owned but now broken. Xhdata 808 has capacity with 6 bandwidths. Sony 7600G has a favor with sync and good ssb. I got this message from a Brazilian dxer:

I particularly consider the SANGEAN ATS-909 to be an excellent radio for DX, I also really like the YB-400, but the ATS-909 won my heart in 2005 and has become my favorite RX to this day. Today I use a Radioshack DX-398 which is the same radio as the Sangean ATS-909 and Robert R861, SANGEAN manufactured this model for several famous brands of receivers.

15 feb. 2022 kl. 06:50 skrev Issac Quincey via <IssacQuincey@...>:

I am also new to this group myself.
What do you think of the 808? I am still on the fence about my next radio.
What do you listen to?

Years ago I had some Sony radio. I was always happy with them.

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On Tuesday, February 15th, 2022 at 10:40 AM, Paul Blundell <tanger32au@...> wrote:
Welcome to the group. What matters is that you enjoy your radios and what you do with them.


On Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 8:49 AM Ola Fredriksson via <> wrote:
Hi all,

My name is Ola Fredriksson from Sweden in Europe and new in this group. Even if I don’t have “real” ultralight receivers, I really enjoy mw dxing with portable receivers and small indoor loops.

I’m usually using my xhdata 808 and Sony 7600G. I have attached my antennas.

I just bought an old pll version of Degen 1103. I heard it is good on mediumwave. Thanks and 73 from Ola


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