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Issac Quincey

Does anybody much else use this or it is more for your own use and you let other people if they want to? I guess I am trying to get a picture on if it is worth me using it or not.

Has it passed any sort of security audit or has it been checked against some virus scanners to ensure my data is safe?

Would you consider sharing the source code for peer review?

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On Monday, February 14th, 2022 at 8:16 AM, Paul <tanger32au@...> wrote:
This is a replacement, I ran into some issues with the Access database and decided to return back to developing this.
It is 100% "offline" and can be run from a USB stick if required. I will shortly be updating the "about" page to add a lot more details about it.


On Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 9:35 PM Issac Quincey <IssacQuincey@...> wrote:
Is this a replacement for the Access 2019 database or are you running both? Please clarify.
Does this link to any central source or does this run separate on each device? I prefer web based programs but understand that might not be possible for you.

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On Saturday, February 12th, 2022 at 3:27 AM, Paul Blundell <tanger32au@...> wrote:
MWDxerDB is a custom database program which has been designed and coded using JustBasic. It is based on the "simple database framework" which is included with JustBasic.

This program has been developed by myself over the past few years for the purpose of logging ultralight radio dxing related frequencies and information.

MWDxerDB is freeware and freely distributable, please note that I can accept no responsibility for how it is used and any issues it might cause on your computer as setups and configurations vary so much. MWDxerDB is self contained in it's own folder and does not write any files outside it's own folder or reg keys, this means it is totally portable and will happily run off a USB key.

As my interest is logging mediumwave frequencies, I have the following fields.

Frequency / Name
To protect your loggings I have the program password protected.

Version History:
- This version includes the code required for updating the ULDXIndex, when a new entry is added or an entry is updated, you will be prompted to update this.
- A new file "config.ini" has been added to this version, at the moment it contains some codes to control various parts of MWDXerDB, over time I will be adding more to this.
- The version of MWDXerDB has been added to the top of the report file.
- I have now integrated the logging database for my "LongTerm DXing Project", this is accessed via a separate button on the main screen.



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