Re: DX Logs from SW Ohio

Mark Meece <antennapig@...>

satya@... wrote:
Hey Mark:

It's great that the 4 of you got out. As an urbanite who lives in and
amongst a lot of RF noise, your trip summary gives me inspiration to do
the same when the weather improves a bit. With the little ULRs, the entire
DX kit can fit in the the glove compartment! It would probably be an early
morning outting here on the West Coast to hopefully catch stations to the
east switching to day power/antennae and/or trans-pacific targets.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

Hi Kevin,

We live in a dense urban environment also, fortunately a half hour drive can
put us in a nice rural setting where the man made noise is lessened considerably.
As you tell from the logs it was mainly a north/south path for this session.

Miamisburg, Ohio

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