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Hey Mark...Sounds like you guys had a good time. What was the weather like ??


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Last night the first of hopefully many MONIX DX sessions was held in
the shelter area at the beach at Caesar Creek State Park, near
Waynesville, Ohio. Our geographical coordinates were:

N 39-30-48.4
W 084-01-13.7
Elevation 847 feet

We had four members present. Dan Schwartz, Dave Williams (N8DHW), Alex Kaminski,
and myself. Two were DXing, two were learning the ropes and helping to spot.

Alex (N8UCN) and myself (N8ICW) were doing the main DXing which started
just after 6:00 PM.

Both of us were using ultralight radios. Alex was using the Sony SRF-M37V.
I was using my newly acquired Sony SRF-59, I was also using my
GE Superadio II and Grundig YB400PE as spotting receivers.
No special antennas were utilized.


(AK) = Alex, N8UCN
(MM) = Mark, N8ICW

AMP = Air Mile Path

760 WJR Detroit, MI PM 50kW AMP 203 (MM)

6:06 PM "Money Talk w/ Bob Sprager", Caller questions.

800 CKLW Windsor, ONT 50kW AMP 210 (MM)

6:25 PM Program: "Peter Greenberg Worldwide", talk of Airline Travel.

930 WRVC Huntington, WV 5kW AMP 117 (MM)

6:50 PM ESPN Radio, talk about the NFL Draft.
7:00 PM ID: "Your new home for ESPN Radio in the tri-state.
AM 930 WRVC, Huntington/Ashland/Ironton".

1510 WLAC Nashville, TN 50kW AMP 277 (AK)

7:00 PM ID, News, rebroadcast of "The Mike McConnell Show".

1680 WPRR Grand Rapids,MI 10kW/680w AMP 253 (AK)

7:06 PM Skeptically speaking talk show talking about nuclear power issues.
8:00 PM TOH ID

1690 WVON Chicago, IL 10kW AMP 249 (MM)

6:29 (CDT) PM "The Kendall Moore Show" w/ talk of LPGA tour.
6:30 (CDT) PM ID: "The talk of Chicago, 1690 WVON"

1690 WMLB Atlanta, GA 10kW AMP 404 (MM)

7:42 PM Program: "E-Town" featuring Singer-Songwriter Kathleen Edwards.
8:00 PM TOH ID: "WMLB". [caught in the null of WVON]

1690 WVON Chicago,IL 10kW AMP 249 (AK)

7:00PM (CDT) TOH ID, Local commercials,


Thanks to everyone who participated.
We will definitely be doing it again.

Mark, N8ICW


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